Executive Assistant/Studio Coordinator

New York, New York   |   Full time

The Exec Assistant & Studio Coordinator is a highly professional, self-motivated, enthusiastic, organized multi-tasker who likes a good challenge, lifelong learner and has a love for design. They will be the backbone of keeping our award-winning graphic design studio flowing by overseeing the studio facilities as well as working directly with and supporting the Chief Creative Director/Founder, Roanne Adams as well as Managing Director, Rebecca Angus-Smith with every need that may arise. Trust is key to this role. The Exec Assistant is expected to be extremely professional and keep all confidential information to themselves.

As Studio Coordinator, you are acting as the face of the studio, you will be the first person  to open the studio in the morning and the person that greets our client’s at the door. Its important that you act courteous and professional manner to everyone. The Studio Coordinator is looking to grow into a Project Management role.

Exec Assisting

  • Coordinate Chief Creative Director’s (CCD) & Managing Director’s (MD) schedules and ensure that all meetings and calls take place as planned.
  • Ensure CCD’s calendar is accurate
  • Send CCD daily agenda at the end of every night informing her about the following day’s events
  • Prepare CCD for client meetings and keep t rack of logistics
  • Ensure that iPad/laptop and/or portfolio are updated/charged for meetings
  • Book conference room in the calendar & ensure that conference room is tidy and that there are sufficient client snacks for meetings
  • Maintain and organize relevant paperwork/files for CCD
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of materials
  • Provide general support where possible including but not l imited to ordering lunch, running errands, making reservations for dining
  • Help coordinate travel for CCD
  • Assist with party and event planning when necessary
  • Assist with CCD’s personal matters when necessary

Studio Coordination
As the Studio Coordinator you are the team cheerleader. You are the one they will all go  to for questions regarding the studio facilities, schedule and general goings-on. You will
organize studio events, team get togethers, team building activities and be that extra support that the team can depend on.

  • As Studio Coordinator it if your job to run a tight ship, keep the studio clean, organized and running efficiently.
  • As the face of the studio, you will buzz in all visitors, greet and welcome visitors to the door
  • Answer phones as needed
  • Correspond with clients as necessary in a professional and courteous manner, offering them water/coffee/snacks
  • Be point of contact for people or company sub leasing space f rom RoAndCo on all studio related matters
  • Be point of contact with building Landlord & Superintendent to coordinate any office issues
  • Be the point of contact with the heating and cooling repair company or individual we are working with
  • Be point of contact with a handyman or plumber when necessary (i.e broken appliances, need for f reight elevator, f ix leaks etc.)
  • Ensure office is stocked with supplies & order when necessary (l ight bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels etc)
  • Ensure stock of all studio and work supplies (paper, ink, notebooks, other misc. tools)
  • Ensure that trash and dishwasher, etc is attended to daily
  • Be point of contact with our cleaning service
  • Every few months encourage the team to do a full studio clean up, get rid of excess stuff
  • Enforce office organizational systems & ensure staff follow procedures

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